What did you call me?

A brief evening thought from myself and one of my best friends, Lisa.

I have almost weekly discussions with people about terminology around disability; what is politically correct? Medically correct? What will or won’t cause offence? Will different people find different terms offensive?

Accepted terminology rapidly changes with time, much like language develops. This is unfortunately because there are people out there that turn accepted, medical terms into derogatory things and they become offensive.

People get so caught up on how to refer to others, but today I suddenly thought:

Why do we need accepted terms to brand one another?

Everyone is given a name at birth - can’t we just use those to refer to each other? We are all just people, after all.

Unless it is necessary to your profession or day to day life to require medical terminology, why don’t we all just take a step back and remember that we are all people, and we all come in different shapes, sizes, nationalities, abilities. But we also all have different personalities and interests or hobbies.

Why can’t you be defined by the fact you are really fun, or kind, or intelligent?

The diversity of the human race is what makes us wonderful and unique, let’s try and remember that!

To quote that random song I only know because of The Princess Diaries:

Quote saying 'what makes you different, makes you beautiful'


Keep an eye out for another post by myself and my equally inclusion obsessed friend, Lisa, which will be with you soon!

Thank you for reading the contents of our brains this evening. As always, if you want to co write a post with me about any accessibility/inclusion topics, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Over & out