a compilation of works

This page is a demonstration of both inclusive design and assistive technology. Below are the main projects I have worked on as a designer, either independently or within a team. These include University and placement year projects. 




The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the risk of a collision doubles when the driver takes their eyes off the road for two seconds, for example, when looking at a Sat-Nav screen.

VIBE was my final year major project. It is a haptic satellite-navigation system, aimed at reducing driver distraction and eyes-off-road time. VIBE was initially designed to increase road safety for deaf drivers, but developed into a universal product for all car drivers, in which many people would stand to benefit. 


treadmill rails

Walking, for many, is taken for granted. For a child with Cerebral Palsy; it is a challenge. This was made easier with a bespoke treadmill rail, allowing this user to practise walking independently.

This project was undertaken during my placement year; the treadmill rails were designed and manufactured at the charity DEMAND and were entirely bespoke to the user. 

The rails were adjustable in every direction to ensure that as she grows, the rails will still assist her. 

wheelchair mounted boccia ball holder

Ali, a BC2 athlete and previously, a World Cup Boccia Champion representing Team GB - approached the company I worked for during my placement, as he wanted to get back to playing. 

In Ali's classification of Boccia, he was not entitled to an assistant who could hand the ball to him. In the event the player drops the ball, the throw would be forfeited. He requested a ball holder to mount onto his powered wheelchair to enable him to select a ball. 

The depth of the holes meant that unless tipped upside down, the balls would not fall out. Additionally, it could be height adjusted, and swung in and out to allow the user to access and select the balls easily and without risk of dropping them. 


hero shot.jpg


Breezy is a lifestyle smartphone application which allows individuals with asthma to get out and about, whether in their every day commute, social events or outdoor exercise like running, in a more health conscious way. 

This is through avoiding heavily polluted areas, heavily populated areas and accounting for weather through forecasting in real-time. The user can input their preferences into the app's interface, and it will give them on the spot advice about how best to travel.

car transfer bench

This client's condition meant that he could no longer use standard transfer boards. Consequently this meant he could not transfer himself into the car, and so had to order wheelchair taxis whenever he wanted to leave the house. 

After three years of using wheelchair taxis, he decided that he wanted his independence back. 

The bench slots under the car so that the seat goes up against the passenger seat. the height is adjustable so that he could level the gap between his chair and the car seat. 

He can now go out wherever, and whenever he wants, with no restrictions on distance or price!



tactile speaker

This project was a University CAD assignment. I designed this conceptual tactile speaker, in which the user can feel the music by the 'speaker' producing 3D waveform effects of the music. 
It was designed for profoundly deaf individuals to be able to appreciate music fully. 

Nepali to English Number Board

A good friend of mine spent some time working in Nepal, where she worked with children with additional needs in a specialist centre and observed that they had very limited resources to educate these children.

We worked together to create a number learning system to enable the students of this centre to recognise and eventually replicate both Nepali and English numbers.



therapy Trike handle

This was a bespoke piece of equipment for a young girl who had a stroke and subsequently had a weakness on the right side of her body.

She used a therapy bike for rehabilitation but could not grip onto the trike handle due to her condition, as her hand would slip off.

At DEMAND we made this adjustable gutter rail wrist support to enable her to hold onto the trike in order to facilitate rehabilitation and gain strength.